Deep Listening


Deep Listening® is a practice created by Pauline Oliveros, in collaboration with IONE and Heloise Gold, that is informed by expanding the range of audible forms beyond ordinary sound perceptions in daily life. The practice of Deep Listening is intended to heighten awareness of sound, silence and sounding. Deep Listening Practice is informed by forty years experience and is crafted for an immersive experience. Sound in its many manifestations: from cells to voice, from nature to urban environment, from sound in dreams to memories, and imagined sound, creates a wonderful territory to explore our sense of being in the world and our perception of many other possible worlds.

A Deep Listening workshop invites you to experience Deep Listening practice through a process of inner and outer listening, listening to and through the body and to your dreams, and exploring connectivity with others and with the world. Through energy exercises, listening meditation, journaling on listening, improvisation and performance of Sonic Meditations and Deep Listening Pieces, you will be guided to experience global and focal listening, noticing your body and bringing your dreams to consciousness, to expand your awareness of sound as it travels in time and space, encountering many possible audible forms beyond ordinary sound perceptions in daily life.