Oct 12th-15th, Listening after Pauline Oliveros!


This is a very interesting event that people in the UK interested in Deep Listening could attend!

“In tribute to Pauline Oliveros, who died in November 2016, this programme brings together musicians, artists, theorists, curators and scholars to explore modes of listening, in particular the relation of listening and attunement to perceptions of change and transformation. Alongside her work on Deep Listening, Oliveros’ work pursued the next technology, for example anticipating the internet through forms of telematic and networked performance, or in developing the Expanded Instrument System. These practices of listening with technology as ways of inviting transformation, of facing and renewing the future, appear intertwined in her writing and her music.” Visit the site and invite your friends 😉 http://field-studies.org/

World Listening Day in Milton Keynes



We were pleased to be invited to present a Deep Listening workshop at MK Gallery in Milton Keynes on 18 July, World Listening Day. We found that we had participants with a variety of experience related to Deep Listening: free improv, sound art, sound healing, and even nutrition. The theme for this year’s World Listening Day was ‘Listening to the Ground’. The folks at World Listening Project noted that Pauline Oliveros suggested that we ‘walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears’. So at the Milton Keynes workshop we spent a good amount of time doing Pauline’s Extreme Slow Walk exercise – walking as slowly as possible, both in silence and while sounding. It’s an activity that never fails to bring insights to this most common of human activities.

Toward the end of the workshop we moved to a discussion of dreams. As always, the range of experiences of, and attitudes towards, dreams varied greatly. Some dream in technicolor, while others ‘never’ remember their dreams. Some disregard their dreams as unimportant while others cherish them and feel led by them. The Deep Listening approach towards dreams is one of creative opportunity: you are the owner of your dreams and can use them to heal yourself (and others) and to add another creative dimension to your life. This is what we have learned from Ione and from her very helpful book, Listening in Dreams.

East London Workshop

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Ximena, Inês and Ron had the pleasure of leading a Deep Listening workshop at Chisenhale Dance Space in East London on Sunday, 25 June. We had 18 participants from a wide range of backgrounds, and with varied degrees of familiarity with Deep Listening, but all clearly attuned and eager to learn. The Chisenhale space is a lovely one and ideal for a Deep Listening workshop. In three short hours we did a variety of energy-work, listening, sounding, and dream-work exercises. The spirit of DL founder Pauline Oliveros was clearly present as we listened to the many insights gleaned by participants during the listening meditation. We were impressed with the enthusiastic response afterwards and were met with many requests for further workshops. Watch this space!

Going Deep with Listening

Welcome to the Deep Listening Aphiliate UK blog site. We are inviting you to our first event: a Deep Listening workshop in London. Following the teachings of Pauline Oliveros, we will practice sonic meditations, body energetics, and dream awareness. In this moment of uncertainty and change (environmental and political) we invite you to strengthen connections with yourself and with others, through sounding and listening, knowing that when you listen deeply, something meaningful and unexpected might happen.

@ Chisenhale Dance Studio

25th of June, 2017

2:00pm to 5:00pm

Book your place here!